apidays LIVE LONDON 2020

The leading industry tech and business series of conferences in APIs and the programmable economy.

27 - 28 October 2020
apidays LIVE LONDON 2020

Summary of the event

On October 27 and 28, a new edition of apidays LIVE LONDON opens, this time, focused on how APIs have become the key resource in banking, financial and insurance management embedded in third-party platforms and applications. Among its participants we can highlight Simon Torrace, director of the World Economic Forum who will be delivering the opening speech, as well as the presence of other strong names in the sector such as Mark Boyd, from Platformable, Álvaro Acevedo, from Swift or Hakan Eroglu, from Mastercard.

It is an essential event for anyone looking to keep up with the latest trends in the API universe and the evolution it is having within the field of open banking and finance. The different presentations on topics such as the management of electronic transactions, service architecture, improvement of the control of payment systems, etc. will alternate with practical workshops and round tables on how to manage APIs from different providers on large platforms or how to guarantee the integrity and security of your APIs, among others.ç

Among the scheduled talks and conferences, the presence of Héctor Arias, Head of Open Banking Operations at BBVA, stands out as part of the panel ‘Running an open banking platform for strategic partnerships’. Héctor has extensive experience not only in the field of open banking, but also in digital transformation processes and design of collaboration strategies with third parties through APIs. With a clear focus on innovation and engineering, Héctor Arias will address, from a point of view that combines the technical and the business perspective, all the collaboration possibilities provided by BBVA’s API-based open banking platform.


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27 - 28 October 2020




Héctor Arias

Héctor Arias

Head of Open Banking Operations

Héctor Arias is currently based in Madrid leading the global open banking operations at BBVA. In his current role is also in charge of the digital transformation processes related to partnerships execution, api platform components lifecycle and api creation along the BBVA footprint. Previously served at the BBVA US franchise heading open banking. In Houston, […]