Fintech Inn 2021

28 - 29 April 2021
Vilnius, Lithuania
Fintech Inn 2021

Summary of the event

FinTech Inn 20201 kicks off on April 28, a congress dedicated to the fintech world to be held in Vilnius, Lithuania, and which will host over 100 experts in the sector to analyze it, study what challenges it has to face and propose improvement solutions that will allow it to continue to grow.

The global pandemic has caused the use of digital banking services to skyrocket among customers, thus opening up new business opportunities that have transformed the financial landscape. In this conference we will see some of the main international figures in this field raise what are the great challenges in digital banking, payments, loans, insurtech, compliance, digital identity, cybersecurity or cryptocurrencies, among others.


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28 - 29 April 2021



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