Money Live: Digital Banking

28 - 29 March 2022
Money Live: Digital Banking

Summary of the event

MoneyLIVE Summit aims to address the most interesting topics on the transformation of banking and payments. Through different keynotes, discussions will be opened to enhance and challenge different points of view that will enrich the knowledge of the attendees.

These are some of the keynote speakers that will participate in the event:

  • Mikko Salovaara from Revolut
  • Mikael Sorensen from Handelsbanken
  • Nuno Matos and Fiona Bradshaw from HSBC
  • Jeroen Plag from INGSuresh Viswanathan from TSB
  • Rita Liu from MODE
  • Claire Tracey from Nationwide Building Society

For agenda and more, you can find information here.


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28 - 29 March 2022



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