MoneyNext Summit 2020

The definitive event to be aware of the state of the fintech universe that will review which are the main financial technologies that are revolutionizing the sector.

08 - 10 December 2020
MoneyNext Summit 2020

Summary of the event

With more than 80 speakers and almost 20 hours of content, MoneyNext Summit 2020 arrives, a virtual conference program that seeks to focus on the fintech ecosystem to carefully analyze its state and future, with the help of international experts from leading companies.

With the added value that the speakers are prohibited from using traditional PowerPoint – in order to make the talks more direct, agile and interactive -, MoneyNext Summit 2020 will review some of the key issues with which the banking environment and financial institution has been working in recent months: digital banking, the impact of artificial intelligence on financial management, the digital transformation processes that banks have put in place or how open banking is also expanding in open finance and its relationship with APIs as an essential tools for growth.


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08 - 10 December 2020



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