APIs and how they can help you grow your company

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APIs and how they can help you grow your company
APIs and how they can help you grow your company


It would be difficult to understand the true value of APIs for a company only as a means of communication between applications. In other words, APIs understood as tools designed by a programmer to send data from a platform to an application without which the latter could not function.

APIs have fostered a new communication model between companies and the community of developers, where the opportunities to collaborate increased exponentially. Application programming interfaces facilitate the search for inward and outward synergies in organizations; they are an easy way of incorporating external services, products and processes into a company or to provide these outward, with the possibility of monetizing each idea. APIs have changed the way of doing business completely: more open, more democratic, where talent is an opportunity to generate business.

APIs are the core on which tomorrow’s organizations should be built, especially with two major events in any strategic plan:

APIs very much simplify the creation of products and services and, therefore, a company’s ability to launch an idea rapidly in the market.

Reducing time-to-market considerably represents a reduction of costs and increases the chance of success.

Shortening time-to-market not only reduces costs, it also prevents disappointments. The earlier a product/service is tested with clients, the earlier noise and surplus will be removed and the earlier the most interesting functions for users will be found. A shorter time-to-market means improving and achieving a successful product earlier, with the capacity to generate income and business.

What do APIs bring to your business?

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