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How to launch a startup and not die along the way

Want to know the key elements of a successful startup? Focus on being the best in one (and only one) product or service; avoid cheap customers; define a philosophy, and defend it; convince customers to work with LEAN; and promote a happy working ecosystem. 

Startups / 11 February 2020
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Must-know APIs for entrepreneurs

If you're thinking about launching a startup, you may have seen in the vast amount of data around us the perfect opportunity for grounding your business. Various companies have aggregate data APIs available and ready to be incorporated into the development of your systems or apps. We list in this article several repositories.

Entrepreneurs, Startups / 19 December 2019
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Guide to make your app stand out from the crowd

Developing is a crucial phase in the creation of a product, but having a marketing plan and skillfully carrying it out is the key to a successful application. You also need to know your users and reduce development faults to a minimum. Behind each app lies a vast work involving the conceptualization, design, development and testing of the software. 

Startups / 13 June 2017
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