Disruption with cell phone videos: Facebook and Snapchat relegate Youtube

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Digital transformation / 14 November 2016
Disruption with cell phone videos: Facebook and Snapchat relegate Youtube
Disruption with cell phone videos: Facebook and Snapchat relegate Youtube



Increasingly more time is being dedicated to watching content in video format on mobile devices, and the leading technology platforms want to take advantage of this trend. Facebook and Snapchat are the latest to jump on the bandwagon.

These social media companies, which have millions of daily users, are competing to reach new audiences and dethrone Youtube’s leadership as the best video platform. This situation will generate new possibilities for content generators that want to find their place in video format for mobile devices industry.

2015 was a disruptive year for video, because ever since, its viewing on mobile devices has shot up, becoming the preferred channel for watching videos amongst teenagers. Since last year, watching videos on mobile devices represents half of the internet’s total traffic, and it has been estimated that in 2021, this figure will have increased to 71% of the total.

So much so, that only half of Youtube users access the platform using their smartphone, while Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have the most users who access from their cell phone. This is forcing the creators of the content to publish videos on other platforms.

The number of videos that brands publish on Youtube has been falling since last year. Meanwhile, videos published on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have doubled. This situation has led to others generating more and more content in this format.

The huge number of Facebook users has helped it become the leading site for watching videos on mobile devices in 2016. So much so, that Mark Zuckerberg’s short-term plan is to launch a video platform.

Video has become the preferred internet format, and everyday more is published; even the media has quadrupled the number of videos it posts on Facebook. Snapchat, the social network by Evan Spiegel has joined this trend, which is led by millennials who are uploading like crazy.

Snapchat has less active users than Facebook, although the number of videos watched on Zurckerberg company’s site is only slightly more than on Snapchat. Now the content creators are more inclined to generate videos for Spiegel’s platform.

Snapchat’s great advantage is that its ‘Discover’ channel allows editors to directly share audiovisual content. There are an increasing number of companies deciding to share their publications on this platform.

Source: Business Insider

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