Get up to date on data science with these four tutorials

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21 July 2015
Get up to date on data science with these four tutorials
Get up to date on data science with these four tutorials


The best tools for data scientists

In this tutorial, Ricardo Alanís, a data scientist at Codeando México, examines the data science process, the best tools, and the easiest applications to work with.

Alanís offers some tips, such as how to plan the entire process to get a better idea of the most appropriate and useful tools for each step.

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Best practices in visualization

And once we know about these tools, we recommend following the tutorial by Eric Rodenbeck, founder and CEO of Stamen, a company characterized by its interactive visualizations and its data visualization projects.

In this half-hour tutorial, Eric tells us about the best practices in data visualization for websites that should be followed to achieve results like Stamen's.

One of his pieces of advice is to offer people the data they need and in the formats they use. This said, let's get on with it!

The role of open data

In this tutorial, Rebecca Williams examines the role of open data through the work she does at, the main open data website of the federal agency of the U.S. government.

Rebecca examines all the advances made in this country, especially at legislative level, for example, the Open Data Policy (2013) and what each of these steps means.

Data science also in journalism

Lilia Saúl and Saúl Hernández, two journalists specializing in data at El Universal in Mexico, offer a tutorial that analyzes how data journalism is evolving.

The idea is to harness this new vein in the information, especially with a view to data visualization, to be able to better communicate and convey the work of data query and analysis.

Through their experience, Lilia and Saúl tell us what is being done in this area of data science.  

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