Google Launchpad boosts seven spanish startups

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Google Launchpad boosts seven spanish startups
Google Launchpad boosts seven spanish startups


NoySi, a platform for work teams to communicate in real time, was set up 12 months ago and already has 50,000 registered users, of whom around 1,500 pay for the service. This startup saw in the Google Launchpad program an opportunity for validating its product and its business model, with mentors and established companies, which was a good way to determine whether they had made the right decision.

Juan Carlos Milena, head of communication at NoySi, tell us about his experience during these learning sessions. He says that the program’s methodology was “very well planned” since it is a “very intense process in which we received a great deal of advice and input from the mentors, which helped us understand whether we were on the right track, or we could detect new opportunities”.

During the first development phase the NoySi team found it particularly difficult to define a really ground-breaking product in a market that was probably not ready, reach the customers with an interesting and attractive message, and naturally, obtain the required investment.

After the training sessions, the communication platform observed a clear improvement in the ability to explain the product to people with different profiles, who are usually skeptical when it comes to any new project. Over this week, Milena acknowledged that they had learned to generate a much stronger message intended for an audience used to deal with startups.

They also realized that they had to reconsider the way they communicate. “With Google Launchpad we learned to work better with the market micro niches and design a more customized communication and marketing strategy to be able to reach them”, explains Milena. In fact, he acknowledges that “very often startups have a general idea they try to convey to all equally, and this is where the mentors, particularly as regards the product and marketing side, have given us tips on how to make that message more attractive depending on the person we are dealing with”.

According to Juan Carlos, in addition to learning and improving their project, Google Launchpad also represented a way of obtaining knowledge and finding visibility: “For people to know that NoySi is on the market, and that investors like BBVA itself consider that we offer an interesting tool”.

Google Launchpad was held in an innovative and dynamic atmosphere where the participating startups were eager to learn new tools, solutions or methodologies to improve their project. The sessions started with a descriptive presentation of what was going to be done over the day, followed by work with different mentors in 45-minute sessions.

But there was not only time to put into practice the knowledge acquired. There were also networking relationships between different startups and experts and this enriched the learning week even further.

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