The importance of the name for your startup

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The importance of the name for your startup


You've discovered a very interesting idea on the Internet from which the next business you are engaged in may come out of. You discuss it with friends or colleagues, and it seems that everyone likes it and this surprises you. You see it has a future, but just intuitively for now, without any information.

Although you thought no one was engaged in anything similar, you find your competition. However, you start carrying out your first market research, benchmarking, and you find that your competition has many weaknesses, or at least, things that could be improved. You see a steady market or even one with the capacity to grow. You jump at it.

Your customers must find you when they search for you

Before continuing, this is the time when you should stop and come up with the name of your company or product. And this was important 30 years ago, but perhaps not as much as now. Traditionally our audience was going to find in the name of our product that word to recognize us and remind them of us, so we had to do a good creative job.

However, in today's world, you need to stop along the way and think of one of the first details regarding product development, which will undoubtedly influence much of your positioning strategies –– especially online –– and in some cases, even the identity and philosophy of the company. It's time to think about the name.

It is important that when you later define your strategies, you do not have to take two steps back or regret the name you gave it because, perhaps, it is very creative and looks good on the logo, yet you do not manage to get it to identify with your business area or, moreover, the SEO and other marketing strategies you conduct are not enough. You must take care of all aspects; it is not enough to just have a good name or apply good SEO. Anything you can do adds up and can help.

If your service is online, the name is even more important

You must think of a name that not only identifies your product but represent words or ideas that prospective customers can use in search engines to get to your product o solution. Therein lies the difference from 30 years ago: a name with a certain sound, ease of memory and other creative rules is not enough.

Now, a large majority of people look for solutions to their problems on the Internet: we need to be there, and that's where the name of our product or service is of great importance. The more our name relates to the activity we do or the solution we offer –– as far as possible ––, the closer we will be to our customers.

A good name for a product or service, especially if it is 2.0, means better positioning on the Internet, and being one step closer to our audience. This becomes very important in these types of online services, as we do not have a supermarket or a store like traditional products to show the public. The place where people are going to find us will be, in most cases, the Internet, so the task of finding us should be as easy as possible.

A good name will make SEO tasks easier

Obviously, our name will not always be able to be linked to our business. That's where SEO tasks appear, allowing us to position ourselves in search engines. So it never hurts to think what we would write in the Google search box to get to the solution that our service offers and, once we have 3 words, see if the domains are available.

We not only can –– and must –– perform SEO actions to position our terms of interest among the public, whether on our website or others, so they can find us. . If you already have a fairly original name in mind and think it is catchy, you can contract, if it is within your reach, a domain with any of the keywords that you have thought of (and analyzed in Google Trends, Keywords Tools among others) and redirect it to the website with the name of your product.

The important thing is not to forget that once your prototype has been developed or your idea has been materialized into a document, and if you want to reach your potential customers through the Internet, the name is one of the most important tasks you have on your To Do List” as an entrepreneur. Positioning will be one of the most important things, and with a good name and clear ideas about how your customers will search for you, any subsequent SEO task will be much easier.


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