Learn with four success stories in digital entrepreneurship

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Learn with four success stories in digital entrepreneurship
Learn with four success stories in digital entrepreneurship


1. How to sell Big Data?

If you want to extract value from data, the success story you should pay attention to is Stratio, an IT product company focused on Big Data. In this interview, Óscar Méndez, CEO of Stratio, reveals the keys of his business.

Méndez also analyzes the change brought about by Spark technology, a processing engine that has revolutionized data analytics products.

2. Online reputation and data

Big Data analytics is playing a very important role in the development of online reputation. In this interview, Francisco Muñoz, CEO of Theysay, explains how their app, focused initially on tourism, works and how it can expand to other sectors.

"Users' opinion on the Internet is increasingly important, because people are more likely to believe what another person says than what the brand says." It is online reputation.

3. The value of artificial intelligence

Developing computational semantics, processing natural language and the human-machine interaction are three keys for improving the extraction of knowledge from data, using artificial intelligence.

In this interview, Víctor Méndez, VP of Engineering at Taiger, tells us how to achieve it and explains the main functions of this process for structuring the information better and making more accurate searches and avoiding the ambiguities of language.

4. Being an entrepreneur to solve problems

One of the maxims of entrepreneurship is to solve a problem easily. And this is what Rubén Sandoval did with the CFDIMovil application, which won the first customer relationship and sales prize in the InnovaApps+ contest.

In an interview, Rubén tells us that his goal has always been “to make the handling of files and invoices easier” so an SME can share them with its clients. This has been his experience:

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