Reyero (Google Launchpad): “Listening to users in the context of the product is the key”

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Reyero (Google Launchpad): “Listening to users in the context of the product is the key”
Reyero (Google Launchpad): “Listening to users in the context of the product is the key”


User experience strategies, web development and apps, technology, finance, investment … these are just some of the areas where mentors, experts and investors can help the entrepreneurs attending Google Launchpad. This project seeks to help startups to grow through mentoring sessions. 

Eusebio Reyero, a Google user-experience expert, opened this intensive training event at BBVA’s Innovation Center.

User experience is one of the hot development strategies at the moment: what do you think a startup project cannot afford to overlook in this area?

Research. People often talk about user experience without thinking about real users. This gives you an idealized picture of your user, which doesn’t work when you compare it with reality. You need to follow a sequence to develop an optimum user experience.

What analysis do you use to find out whether a user is using a cell phone or an app?

It is not really about how users use it, but how a user expects to use a particular device or app. In other words, what is the user’s mental model, and what is the best way to meet their needs? There are a number of techniques available for this,

including formal and informal, qualitative and quantitative techniques. We also usually carry out remote and in-person research.

In practice, there are different degrees of segmentation for different variables. Listening to users in the context of the product is the key. It should be them who tell us how to use a particular device or app, not us telling them how to use it.

What knowledge does a startup need to make its project a success?

All the knowledge related to the core of the product must be in the product: this is essential. And if there is a technological aspect, there must be someone who understands the technology, to avoid treating this as a commodity from outside.

Management, strategy and understanding the financial sector are also important. Designers are also essential when developing the product. People who understand interaction are also fundamental in the more technological aspects and construction of the project.

When should you start working on the user experience?

For me the user experience is a sensation, and this sensation must be built into the whole product. Even before the brand is launched, it should offer an experience and transmit certain values and ideas.

The problem with user experience is that there is no formal definition of what it should be like. We can define it in various ways, but we can think of the user experience as the sensation our users have when they interact with us. Every aspect of the interaction must be covered.

This is just some of the advice that Eusebio Reyero gave to the entrepreneurs who attended the Google Launchpad at the BBVA Innovation Center.

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