Six reasons why you should include an API in your B2B strategy

Six reasons why you should include an API in your B2B strategy
Six reasons why you should include an API in your B2B strategy


Implementing an API in your business has more benefits when opening a business process than you may think. In fact numerous studies are predicting a considerable increase in 2016 in the number of companies and startups that decide to integrate an API to improve their B2B strategies (business-to-business).

Here are six reasons for this increase:

  1. It will help your company connect with third parties, whether they are providers, partners or even customers themselves, as it allows effective communication. The improvement it brings to the customer experience is key for increasing performance.
  2. New data sources, either from new partners or from third parties, can be integrated using an API. The API makes managing and organizing these sources more agile, because it can also work on the management systems and processes of the inherited data.
  3. It will reduce security problems in the development processes, as the implementation of an API will mean your company’s developers will have to compartmentalize the business applications and processes and reinforce the most sensitive internal systems.
  4. The architects and developers in your company must assess the solutions available to ensure the apps’ performance so they can take them into account in the strategy. To improve this work process, the net must be optimized and integrated.
  5. APIs will allow companies to combine software as a service and mobile apps with more traditional B2B protocols, and also with the standards laid down in the different regulations.
  6. Your company’s developers can build reusable services from the inputs from all the partners in the B2B process on a single platform.

Throughout 2016, companies will be increasingly using third-party data in their business processes, and above all in their decision-making. They must therefore be prepared to build their strategy by focusing on the whole business process, and following the principles of agile development.

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