Six websites fintech fans should keep an eye on

Are you interested in fintech? Do you want to keep up with all the latest developments? This article takes a look at six must-read websites for fintech fans.
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Fintech / 20 July 2018
Six websites fintech fans should keep an eye on
Six websites fintech fans should keep an eye on


Are you interested in fintech? Do you want to keep up with all the latest developments? This article takes a look at six must-read websites for fintech fans.

The vast amounts of information on the fintech ecosystem may be too much for anyone to digest on a daily basis: trends, startups, the latest movements in the financial sector, reports, blockchain, studies, big data, IoT… The list goes on. So if you’re interested in this world it might be a good idea to have a list of go-to media and websites to keep you up to date, for research, or for a more in-depth study. BBVA API_Market suggests a few:


The part of Crowd Valley dedicated to news is a good example of how some companies dedicate a space on their platform or website to news and articles related to their business area.

Crowd Valley does this quite successfully: it doesn’t try to replace the role of the media with fast-paced news flows and last-minute information, but publishes articles with a selective approach offering a thoughtful reflection. What’s more, it uses particularly original and eye-catching images.

One example is this interesting article entitled “The Ever Expanding Definition of Fintech“, which covers the origin and evolution of the term fintech, citing experts and discussing its values and capabilities.


Fintech Ranking also belongs to a company specializing in fintech, in this case, Life.SREDA, although it functions as an independent site.

Its particular attraction is that it acts as a filter or selector of articles from some specialized media such as Finextra, American Banker, Pymnts and CryptoCoinsNews, among many others, as well as from expert contributors in other larger media organizations such as The Financial Times, The Huffington Post, Fortune and Bloomberg.

This website publishes articles ranging from “The startup that wants to build a cashless economy in the Philippines”, to “How banks are embracing the digital revolution”, for example.

3.- Fintech Weekly

Although Fintech Weekly is really a free newsletter service, its website offers a very interesting feed with all the latest articles. Its main attraction is very similar to that of Fintech Ranking, as it also collects analyses and reports which it considers interesting for different reasons, and disseminates them via its service.

It is well worth following for its good criterion for selecting its subjects. It covers a wide sweep of contributors and media, including both specialized websites and magazines that conduct in-depth analysis and which from time to time dedicate space to fintech issues.

Some examples are: “Banking-as-a-service and the survival of banks in the digital age”, published in CIO; and “Blockchain and cryptocurrencies could expand banking – or destroy it”, published in Forbes. Both of these thoughtful articles shine a light on current issues in the fintech landscape.

4.- Fin-tech

Fin-tech, which publishes content only in Spanish, is the total opposite of the websites mentioned above, as it publishes news intended to keep its readers up-to-date, abreast of interesting information, new developments, news flashes and more. Much less reflection and opinion, but a lot of quick reads.

However, this is a site to bear in mind for anyone looking for a good story, and who doesn’t want to miss out on current events or the latest trends. Here you’ll find news items on the new robo-adviser for Japanese millennials, the new White Paper on fintech regulation in Spain, or how to pay for purchases just by looking in a mirror.

5.- Fintechspain

Another Spanish media source well worth consulting is Fintech Spain, which doesn’t publish a constant flow of content but features well chosen articles on opinion and analysis that are worth following. For example, “IBM’s commitment to the fintech ecosystem” or “Crowdlending and equity crowdfunding in Spain”.

One of the reasons this site is interesting is because it has a mapin Spanish and English–where you can find all the fintech companies in Spain and locate investors interested in fintech to gain funding for your startup.

6.- Hemeroteck

This is a new media arrival on the Spanish speaking financial-technological landscape, and if you’re really interested in fintech, it’s well worth browsing this site from time to time. It has a friendlier and fresher design, with eye-catching headlines and a space dedicated to “People are talking about…”, featuring interesting subjects such as: “Is Snapchat worth the 24 billion it cost? ” and “Fintech: 8 emerging trends in digital payment systems”.

One more example of another fresh subject with an attention-grabbing headline is one of its latest offerings: “The ‘angry people’s’ startup grows its business 345% in two years”, which explains how Reclamador, the online platform for collective complaints, has once again doubled its revenues in 2016.

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