Three platforms to make the most of your mobile application

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Three platforms to make the most of your mobile application
Three platforms to make the most of your mobile application


It is one thing for a company to have one or more mobile applications; however, it is a very different thing for those digital and business products to be optimized for their end purposes, the most important of which is to satisfy a specific user need. It is true that there is quite a large current offer of platforms and tools for average users or even professionals with more experience to detect the various flaws that prevent applications from serving their purposes.

All these tools have an essential reference point, which is the measurement of the specific data that reveal the success or lack of success of a mobile application. If the developer has a clear and concise list of goals and understands the product’s success metrics, these tools can become a blessing:

1. Appsee Mobile Analytics

Appsee is a tool that can be used by a developer or project manager to measure any type of user intervention while the user is using a mobile application. Some of its most interesting and useful features are:

2. Azetone Mobile AB Testing and Personalization

Azetone sells its customer three easily distinguishable services: user experience analytics, A/B tests for mobile applications and personalization services. All these in a user interface that is as accessible as possible for the end customer, including clear metrics and colors to simplify data access. This is the interface:

3. Applause

Applause’s core sales pitch is a large international community of testers for mobile application, web projects or the Internet of Things initiatives. The company boasts more than 250,000 testers in more than 190 countries, equipped with 400,000 devices in all the environments possible. This implies a high degree of raw strength to test applications and solve user experience problems before or after an app is launched.

This kind of mass testing is known as crowdtesting, a mechanism in which all the testing processes are outsourced to professionals outside the internal and more convenient environment of the company, in “sterile laboratory environments with real people, using real devices and at real locations”. It is evident that this type of activity has its advantages; however, it also has certain disadvantages, such as an increase in putting confidentiality at risk, especially as regards digital products that have not been launched yet on the market.

Some of the services offered by Applause:

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