Tips from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs / 06 November 2015
Tips from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs
Tips from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs


Luis Ivan Cuende, an example of entrepreneur

Despite his young age and the fact that he neither studies nor works, he is no NEET. This young entrepreneur has already set up three startups and has written a book: I’m 18 years old and I neither study nor work: I set up companies and I do what I really like!

In this book he wanted to collect the tips he couldn’t read, tell us about the good things and the bad things of entrepreneurship and being a self-taught person. There is nothing we can’t learn on the Internet, says this young man who encourages us to learn new things, research, inquire into things and, above all, do what we really like.


Being unsuccessful is a good thing, but as long as we spend some time on introspection, seeing what went wrong, reflecting and taking a step back before we start a new project. These are some of the lessons learned by this young entrepreneur:

How to convince an investor

We need to make a distinction between entrepreneurship and self-employment. Not everyone can take the risk of being an entrepreneur. This is one of the premises of Catalina Hoffmann, one of the most relevant private investors in Spain.

Tell people about your idea, talk at length about it, don’t be afraid, because one day you’ll find someone who believes in you and supports you. This is the basis of networking, talking about what you believe in. It’s not a treasure you should hide”.

If you want to listen to her and learn about what she told us at the BBVA Innovation Center, don’t miss this special event with her as the main character:

The Serious LeAP methodology

The first premise is that in order to talk about agility, we first have to talk about quality. Masa K. Maeda, CEO of Valueinnova, in an interview after visiting the BBVA Innovation Center, stresses that an entrepreneur’s goal has to be to achieve a successful delivery” of their product or service to the end customer, and that the quality-agility combination is key.

To be able to implement a methodology like Serious LeAP, the basis is leadership, making sure that all those involved understand its usefulness to achieve the goals. And one of the key elements of this methodology is the application of dynamics of cooperation, one of the pillars of any entrepreneur.

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