Business Payments

Manage your company’s payments more efficiently

Include this API on your website, app or internal treasury system to run and manage payments on demand and in real time. The API can also be offered to your business customers via your application or service, allowing them to initiate payments from their BBVA accounts and immediately track their status.

Treasury Management

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Immediate and secure payments

Make your company’s payments automatically and hassle free from your own management system, without having to log into BBVA’s different channels, saving you time and management costs. Save on conciliation costs by connecting your invoice payments, taxes and returns within your own management system.

Automate your payments to suppliers or customers from your own ERP without needing an additional signature, facilitating unassisted payments.

In practice

  • Complete all types of transfers from your internal management system: transfers between your accounts, SEPA transfers, immediate transfers, OMFs, international payments and urgent international payments.
  • Include payments in unassisted processes, receiving immediate confirmation for reconciliation.
  • Offer your business customers the option of initiating payments from their BBVA accounts through your application or service.

What it offers

Advantages of the Business Payments API

Reduce your operating costs and risks

Automate the process and avoid human errors in the preparation of your payments.

Complete your business flows by including payments into the same process

Generate a seamless experience on your own platform.

Enriched information

Consult the status of your payments. Having access to the real status of your payments will help you to make decisions.

Services at your fingertips

Business Payments offers:

Simulate transfers in real time

Generate the simulation and conditions of payment runs to demonstrate to your customers.

Unassisted payment runs in real time

Receive instant confirmation of payment runs.

Consult the payment status

Consult and confirm that the funds have been paid to the beneficiary.

How does it work?

Automate your payments to suppliers and customers in an unassisted way. If you have a customer or supplier platform, this is another service that you can offer to them.

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"APIs enrich the experience in any digital system. Business Payments paves the way for innovation, enabling companies to create new business models, by integrating payment feature into their apps or websites, thus saving time and resources with absolute security."

Ana Martínez García

Product Owner, Enterprise Clients

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