The ideal tool for buying and selling currencies

With the FX API you will be able to perform your FX spot and forward trades and integrate it into your internal management system.

Treasury Management

Learn more about FX (Forex)

Management of currency positions integrated in your business

Integrate your FX operations into your management systems. With BBVA’s FX API you can quote and trade currencies quickly and efficiently without the need to access on-line banking or call the BBVA trading desk.

You will also be able to automate executing transactions. The FX API will identify the currency and amount you need, launch a buy/sell request to BBVA and close the transaction instantly, while integrating the exchange details to your management system.

In practice

  • It allows for currency spot and forward transactions.
  • Take advantage of the more than 30 currencies available.
  • 24×5 service

What does it offer me?

Advantages of FX (Forex) API


Integrate your internal management systems with BBVA and you will be able to operate directly from your ERP, without the need to access electronic banking.


Partially or fully automate transactions and gain efficiency. Whenever you have a currency need, the API will connect to BBVA and close a spot or forward transaction immediately.


Invoice-by-invoice foreign exchange management and improved traceability through a unique reference

Services at your fingertips

The FX API offers:

Quote a transaction (RFQ)

Easily, simply and securely from your own ERP

Execution of the transaction

Linked to the price just given

Confirmation of closing

Automatic logging of transaction details in your management system

How does it work?

The FX (Forex) API may be used by any Data Requester included in the list of entities in article 76 of the Law on Financial Technology Institutions or a third party specialized in information technologies, which completes the BBVA access process and has the capacity to integrate the API into its digital platform.

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"The FX API offers the ability for clients to partially or fully automate currency management, allowing them to spend more time making decisions and freeing them from operational burdens. In short, to make their work more efficient."

Albert Pla

Head of SME eSales at Global Markets BBVA

Other APIs available

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