Banking as a Service

The first development platform to offer banking services you can white label as your own that’s backed by a top global bank.
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We bring great financial technology ideas to life

We believe the way that you connect with banks to offer banking services to your customers belongs in the 21st century. We’ve reimagined how you access the world’s banking infrastructure so it works for you. Access best-in-class APIs and the secure infrastructure and regulatory support of BBVA, a global digital leader, while controlling your customer’s experience.

You mix and match our easy to integrate and simple to use APIs to fit your needs and brand them as your own.

100% integrated with your own business

Banking as a Service APIs are the key to open new opportunities. Whether you want to process payments, build a Customer Identification Program (CIP), access deposit accounts and debit cards or all the above, our platform transforms how it’s done. You can use our APIs to provide services to individual or business customers.
Our groundbreaking platform puts the power and security of a bank in your code so you can focus on what you do best: delivering incredible innovations in finance.

A comprehensive banking services platform

With the aim of giving you the necessary tools to create a new generation of banking services in your own business.


Configure your offering according to your customers’, suppliers’ or employees’ needs.

Operation and management

By integrating our APIs within your own environment, you control and customize your user’s experience and manage all of the transactions that take place.

Speed and agility

Our APIs enable your business to offer banking services to your users much faster than if you had to make all the arrangements to obtain your own banking license.

White labeled means your brand comes first. Your customers interact with your brand, while Open Platform’s technology and BBVA Compass’ infrastructure and regulatory framework support your customers banking services in the background.

Through Open Platform, you can connect to banking services provided by BBVA Compass and then offer those services to your customers, under your own brand. Your customers don’t have to be existing BBVA customers to be eligible and you can offer our services as a native part of your application.

Turbocharge your business with our industry-leading financial platform

Business leaders choose BBVA Open Platform’s banking and payments solutions to offer their customers a better brand experience, while optimizing their own business and operations.

Our APIs are intuitive, easy to use and you can white label all of them, putting you in control of your customer’s experience.

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BBVA Banking as a Service platform empowers businesses of all sizes — SMB, BigTech, and corporates — to accelerate their growth by using white label and co-branded banking and payment solutions. Our award-winning APIs make it easy for enterprises to embed these banking and payment services into their branded user interfaces and backend processes. A win-win-win for consumers (better experience), partners (deeper engagement and new revenue streams) and BBVA (new customers).

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Open Banking BaaS

Banking as a Service APIs

This solution comprises the following APIs. Switch geography to see the APIs for each country

card Consumer

United States


Facilitate the identity verification of your customers in one call

Verify your individual customers and create a user record.

card Business

United States


Verify a business and its ownership

Verify your business customers and create business records so that they can use our banking and payment services.

card Move Money

United States

Move Money

One endpoint, multiple payment methods

Enable your customers to make ACH and real-time payments, internal transfers and bill payments through a single endpoint.

card Accounts

United States


Create and manage deposit accounts for your customers under your own brand

Create and service white label deposit accounts for your business customers that are updated in real time.

card Cards

United States


Design, issue and help manage debit cards under your brand

Create and manage debit cards for your business customers under your own brand.

card Notifications

United States


Receive near real-time information

Receive notifications about the banking and payments services you use.

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