Accounts PSD2

Harness the full potential of the European account information payments directive

The BBVA Accounts PSD2 API provides you with information about the payment accounts held by your customers, in a secure environment that meets the requirements established by the European regulator. Access the information needed to provide the account information service to your customers, build the value proposition for your information, management or financial intelligence service or product.

Regulatory APIs

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The account information service you can offer and integrate into your business

The purpose of the account information service is to obtain aggregate information about one or more payment accounts, held by your customers. The technological heart of this ambitious European regulation is APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

This gives customers an overview of their financial situation and enables them to easily analyze their activity and financial needs with the provider of their choice.

In practice

  • Bank account information aggregation services.
  • Personal or Business Financial Management products or services.
  • Risk rating or scoring.

What it offers

Advantages of the Accounts PSD2 API

Show the full picture to your customers

Aggregate your customers’ payment account information: list of accounts, balances, activity (date, reason, and amount) and account holders. Become your customers’ primary source of financial status information and take the chance to devise discovery strategies.

Base your expertise on real and current data

With constantly updated access to the status of your customers’ accounts, you can offer your professional services based on real and up-to-date data. Extract, analyze, add your expertise to offer your customers Personal or Business Financial Management services.

Improve your service offering

Depending on your business model and with your customer’s consent, you can reduce wait times in the risk analysis of a credit transaction, based on the data provided by the account information service.

Services at a glance

The Accounts PSD2 API offers:

PSD2-compliant consent and authentication system

The API manages your customer’s consent to share their information, and the authentication of all actors in the process.

Accounts, balances and up-to-date transactions

Payment account information for individuals and businesses for subsequent aggregation, analysis or processing.

Sectorial solution that facilitates integration

Because we use the RedSys platform, the integration of these APIs will be very similar for payment accounts held with both BBVA and other participating banks.

How does it work?

Using the Accounts PSD2 API requires a license to provide account information services in the country. The service is deployed through Redsys, a company that has developed the BBVA API for the provision of the account information service.

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The PSD2 provides a unique opportunity for accessing your customers’ payment account information and being able to use it as one more resource when creating services and products that suit exactly what they are looking for. Integrating this API into your ecosystem will make the process much simpler, more efficient and more intuitive.

Ana Climente

Head of Open Banking at BBVA Spain

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