Payments PSD2

Complete your solution by incorporating the functionality that allows your customers to initiate payments

The BBVA Payments PSD2 API allows your individual and corporate customers to initiate payments from their BBVA payment accounts, from your application or service, and allows you to immediately know the status of that payment. Payment initiation is an interesting service for any payment service provider (PSP) that can offer this service and a good idea to stand out from your competitors, completing the Personal or Business Finance Management services and products.

Regulatory APIs

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Transactions directly on your platform

The goal of this PSD2 service is to enable customers to initiate payments from their platforms or suppliers of choice, promoting innovation and competition. The technological heart of this ambitious European regulation is APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

This enables you to complete your service, making it easier for your customers to carry out operations and transactions from their accounts without leaving your platform.

In practice

  • Allow your customers to make one-off, bulk and periodic payments.
  • SEPA transfers, immediate payments, Bank of Spain FMOs and international payments.
  • Security: 100% PSD2-compliant authentication.

What it offers

Advantages of the Payments PSD2 API

Your customers, your environment

Gaining a customer costs too much to lose them on the final stretch of their conversion. Avoid having to leave your environment and offer a full range of options to start a payment, whether it is a specific purchase, subscription, or recurring payment.

No matter the volume

The Payments PSD2 payment initiation API is also suitable for businesses. If your customers are companies you can offer to make bulk payments (up to 20 orders per transaction) or urgent transfers through the Bank of Spain (FMOs), among other options.

More payment options, more conversions

Paying should be the least frictional part of the entire customer journey Offer your customers all kinds of alternatives, such as being able to select which of their accounts they want to pay with. Innovate in your product and initiate payments from your own environment.

Services at a glance

The Payments PSD2 API offers:

PSD2-compliant consent and authentication system

The payment initiation API manages customer consent and the authentication for all actors in the process.

Know the transaction status

Immediately check the status of the payment initiated by your customer

Account selection for the start of payments

BBVA offers you an additional service for the convenience of your customers: you can show them their accounts so that they choose which to use before starting a payment.

How does it work?

To use the Payments PSD2 API, you must be licensed to provide payment initiation services in the country. The service is deployed through Redsys, the company that has developed the customer account access interfaces for BBVA.

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The PSD2 has opened the door to new players and new forms of collaboration. This API specifically has been designed by BBVA to comply with this regulation and thus facilitate the opening up of banking infrastructures and services.

Ana Climente

Head of Open Banking at BBVA Spain

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