Funds Confirmation PSD2

Confirm the availability of funds in an account

The BBVA Funds Confirmation PSD2 API allows card issuers to stay one step ahead in the financial relationship with their customers. Know in advance the feasibility of your customers’ transactions at the time of application and always move within a predictable and smooth framework.

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Certainty first

The purpose of this PSD2 service is to enable payment service providers (PSD)/debit card issuers to confirm in real time the availability of funds in the direct debit account of their customer’s card before executing their card payment, provided that the account is accessible online and the account holder gives their consent beforehand. This check only applies to debit cards issued by a third party and associated with a BBVA account.

The technological heart of this ambitious European regulation is APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

This way, you can be more certain about your collections and avoid unforeseen situations for your customers.

In practice

  • Find out whether your customer has funds before closing the sale.
  • Confirm whether your customer has a specific balance before executing a payment.
  • Avoid possible returns and their associated costs.

What it offers

Advantages of the Funds Confirmation PSD2 API

Schedule your transactions with peace of mind

Find out whether your customer has a certain balance in their direct debit account for their card charges. This will allow you to schedule your services with the peace of mind of knowing whether you can execute the derived transactions; additionally, you will can be sure that, if there are insufficient funds, the transaction will be rejected without further problems.

Make it easier for your customer to trust your service

Your customer must authorize BBVA to confirm if they have funds in their account, through our enhanced authentication system based on their online banking signature key (SCA). A 100% PSD2-compliant process.

Innovate on the customer journey and increase satisfaction

By knowing in advance whether the transaction is viable or not, you can design your product or service so that the user experience is innovative and different from that of your competitors, ensuring a superior user journey that extends the Customer Lifetime Value.

Services at a glance

The Funds Confirmation PSD2 API offers:

PSD2-compliance consent and authentication

The API manages the customer’s consent for BBVA to confirm the availability in their account of a certain amount, and the authentication of all actors in the process.

Authorization management

You will be able to check the consent status at all times: signature status, deletion, etc.

The information you need at the right time

You will immediately know if your customer has the necessary balance before making a transaction.

How does it work?

To use the Funds Confirmation PSD2 API, you need to be a debit card issuer and your customer’s card must be associated with a BBVA account and accessible online. The service has been developed and deployed through Redsys.

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Up-to-date information is essential when it comes to providing an efficient and optimized service. The Funds Confirmation PSD2 API seeks precisely to confirm this key information when performing debit card transactions.

Ana Climente

Head of Open Banking at BBVA Spain

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