Automate bank reconciliation

Using the Reconciliation API, you can immediately consult your bank account movements and the corresponding information, as well as execute and automate actions, all from the comfort of your internal management system or ERP.

Treasury Management

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Reconcile your accounts with your internal management system

Make accounting errors or uncollected invoices a thing of the past. Using bank reconciliation, verify each accounting register and make sure they are associated with actual transactions in your account.

Using this API, you can ensure that each transaction is reflected by a real counterpart in your bank accounts, obtaining an accurate and transparent picture of your current financial situation.

In practice

  • Rigorous and exhaustive control of the inflows and outflows of money to or from the company.
  • Error detection, identification of expenses and fees and confirmation in real time.
  • Automatically include information in your internal management system.

What it offers

Benefits of the Reconciliation API

Facilitates the decision-making process

Generate an up-to-date picture of your company’s actual situation to improve both operational and strategic business decisions.

Efficiency in the different management processes

Optimize and peed up cash flow operations without having to manually access online banking or exchange files.

Manage the collection of your customers’ payments in real time

Update the status of your collections in real time to perform actions such as sending orders.

Services at your fingertips

Reconciliation offers:

Real time information

Error detection, identification of expenses and fees, confirmation of payments or collections in real time.

Integration with your ERP

Automatically include information in your internal management system.

Available 24/7

Consult as many times as you need, 24 hours a day and without limits.

How does it work?

Use the Reconciliation API to consult your BBVA account balance and movements.

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"A good financial decision is based on up-to-date information at the right time. The Reconciliation API ensures that your cash-flow system gives you accurate data to work with"

Ana Climente

Head of Open Banking at BBVA Spain

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