Checkout Financing

Create loyalty and boost your sales by facilitating financing to your customers

It makes it easy for your customers to access financing when paying, whatever their bank, with a simple and fast online process. Whether they are physical or online stores, it offers a credit facility that your customer can reuse from now on with a simple click.

Digital Ecosystems

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Transmit confidence, obtain a return

Whether your customer is face-to-face, digital, or both, achieving that relationship between you was not easy. Optimize the cost per customer acquisition by drastically extending their Customer Lifetime Value through offering them a solution that will make them loyal to your products and services, thanks to the customer finance API that we are making available to you.

In practice

  • Financing for customers of any bank of their recurring purchases in your physical and online store
  • It complements any loyalty card you may have for your customers
  • All other purchases can be made in one click, with no cards or documentation

With the Checkout Financing API, you don’t need to have your own finance company to be able to offer a swift and straightforward credit payment system. Both in store and online, with a simple initial and unique process, your customer will be able to pay for their purchase in installments and continue shopping in the future until they reach their limit, which will renew automatically when each installment is paid.

What it offers

Benefits of the Checkout Financing API

Nurture and make your customer grow

Your customer came to you for the quality of your product or service and so you invested in letting them know. It’s time to nurture their expectations beyond the immediate or initial purchase. Easily and with options, with installments from 1 to 12 months and being able to choose any payment account, even if it is not BBVA.

Link your brand to trust and comfort

This process is backed by BBVA’s trust. Customers will have some flexibility to decide the terms and when they make their next purchase and see how simple and convenient it is, they will conclude that trust, flexibility and convenience equals loyalty to your store.

The required funding at the right time

The final push to a sale is to give payment facilities to your customers right when they need them. Offering tailored financing associated with your business will make any purchase much easier and more affordable and both parties will benefit.

Services at a glance

The Checkout Financing API offers:

Finance for your customers

Secure, instantaneous and recurrent, whatever bank they are

Customizable by your customer

They can simulate and then choose between the proposed terms and select the payment account

100% online and with no paperwork

Automatic and friction-free.

How does it work?

Any company can use the Checkout Financing API to fund recurring purchases from its customers. They will have a limit to be determined in each case.

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The customer’s purchase decision is one of the key moments for any business. Being able to offer them online financing in minutes is precisely the goal of the Checkout Financing API.

Rosa Hervás

Head of the Consumer Finance Spain Factory

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