Confirming Remittances

Automate your payments with factoring

With the Confirming Remittances API, you can send payment remittances and obtain immediate confirmation that they are being processed from your internal management system.

Treasury Management

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Streamline the supplier payment process

The management of invoice payments is an essential factor for any company. Factoring allows you to manage your supplier payments without experiencing any cash flow tension. It is also a great way of strengthening your relationship with your suppliers.

As part of our service, you can include the immediate sending of remittances of up to 100 invoices into your system to pay suppliers via factoring, receiving immediate confirmation that the remittance is being processed.

In practice

  • Send up to 100 payments to 50 different suppliers as part of the same remittance.
  • Immediate confirmation of supplier and invoice registration.
  • Integrated into your internal management system or supplier website, with no need for manual intervention.

What it offers

Benefits of the Confirming Remittances API

Automate your payment processes

Manage invoices to be paid via factoring to suppliers as part of automatic payments with no manual intervention. Reduce your operating costs.

Offer your suppliers advances on invoices

Include this solution on your platform to offer your suppliers advances on invoices, providing them with more flexibility in their collection of payments and improving relations between the two companies.

Optimize the use of your factoring limit

By including this API on your suppliers’ website, only orders that your suppliers need are made in advance, leading to a more efficient and healthy cash flow.

Services at your fingertips

The Confirming Remittances API offers:

Instant payments and confirmation

Instantly consult the processing of payments and any possible errors with the remittance. Manage errors in real time, with the option of attempting it again immediately.

Efficient management

No need to access online banking or exchange files. Secure connection that does not require a manual signature.

Strengthen relations with your suppliers

This API allows your supplier to choose which invoices to pay in advance. This facilitates the relationship with your suppliers.

How does it work?

To use the Confirming Remittances API, you will need to onboard suppliers on to this API to include them in the system.

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"Factoring simplifies the management of payments to suppliers with the option of requesting their deferment upon maturity. With the factoring API, customers can automate payment remittances from their own ERP in a quick and simple way, providing suppliers with a convenient tool for collecting their invoices in advance.""

Javier Fernández Caldito

Head of Value Offering Business Banking

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