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A customizable auto insurance solution that caters to your customers’ needs.

The BBVA Seguros Auto Insurance API will allow you to offer Individual Auto Insurance products, which can be quoted and/or arranged directly on your application or digital platform, and which your customers can customize according to their needs with regard to coverage, deductibles and insured amounts.

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Customized offer in car insurance

Boost your business with our API, designed to help your customers receive quotes and arrange Auto Insurance products!

Tired of complex and cumbersome processes? BBVA Seguros makes the quote giving and/or arrangement* process for vehicle insurance an easy task with its Auto Insurance API, saving time and efforts, with a quick and secure integration to allow you to offer personalized insurance products.

*Auto Insurance policies can only be arranged by Insurance Agents.

Highlighted benefits:

  • Reduced journey: send quotes and/or arrange* vehicle insurance products in no time and online, reducing response times and complicated processes. Taking out a car insurance is now easier than ever.
  • Higher conversion rate: simple arrangement process to boost your sales.
  • Protected data: robust end-to-end security to protect your customers’ information.

In practice

  • Send quotes for BBVA Seguros Auto Insurance for private cars, pick-up trucks, trucks, semi-heavy and heavy-duty equipment, and trailers.
  • Recover previous quotes, print and send by email quotes to your customers.
  • Customize coverages according to your customer’s needs.

What Auto Insurance offers

Benefits of the BBVA Seguros Auto Insurance API


Simple quote

Sending a quote for a vehicle insurance product is a very easy and simple task, since you only need to ask the information required to make a quote.

Customize your vehicle insurance products

You can customize the product to include additional coverage, deductibles and insured amounts, catering to the customer’s actual needs.

Additional features

You can offer annual and multi-year policies, a start of validity at a future date, commercial value, invoice value and agreed value.

Services at your fingertips

The BBVA Seguros Auto Insurance API offers:


Send a quote for car, pick-up truck, truck, semi-heavy and heavy-duty equipment in just a few seconds.


You can offer different plans, coverage levels, insured amounts and deductibles to your customers, adapting the insurance policy to your customers’ needs.

Arrangement (only for Insurance Agents)

We offer a simple and fully digital arrangement process of auto insurance, where you can instantly deliver the Arrangement Kit to the customer.

How does Auto Insurance work to get a quote?

Any Insurance Agent or BBVA Seguros business partner can use the BBVA Seguros Auto Insurance API to send quotes for private car, pick-up truck, truck, semi-heavy and heavy-duty equipment insurance policies and integrate them into their digital platform.

How does it work for auto insurance?

You can use BBVA Seguros’ Auto Insurance API to arrange the product. Only authorized Insurance Agent may arrange products.

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"This API will allow our Commission Agents or Business Partners to offer a "tailor-made" Auto Insurance solution to their customers, while customizing additional coverages in a 100% digital flow. It will also allow them to offer promotions or discounts on selected vehicles"

Luis Fernando Macías Araiza

Leader of the Wholesale Banking Insurance sector

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