Business Payments

Manage your company’s payments more efficiently

Integrate this API into your website, app, ERP or your own cash-flow system to execute and manage payments on demand, in pesos, dollars or euros through different channels: bank accounts, SPEI and even sending the funds to ATMs.

Treasury Management

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Improve your customers’ experience

With Business Payments, your customers can execute the automated payment of the funds you owe them.

When it is time to redeem their points, collect their prizes, or simply receive their payments for services, people are in a hurry and short of patience. So, you should make it easy and comfortable for them.

An ideal solution to increase the efficiency of your company’s payments. Save reconciliation costs, automate processes. Payments will be made from the account you choose and you will always know who, when, and how. Managing payments has never been easier.

In practice

  • Payments in pesos, euros and dollars to BBVA Mexico accounts, and in pesos to accounts with any bank
  • Payments collected in cash at any ATM in the BBVA Mexico network
  • Payments to CIE reference collection agreements at BBVA Mexico

What it offers

Advantages of Business Payments API

Reduce your operating costs

A well-protected cash flow is an advantageous foundation for any successful business model. Cash flows that must manage virtual wallets, redemption systems or prize payments are particularly hard to reconcile. Dramatically reduce management costs with this API.

Help your customers…

Without leaving your environment (app, website or directly in your own ERP), your customers can request sums to be withdrawn, set by you or by them, that will be deducted from their wallets. They will automatically receive a transfer confirmation SMS, or a text with the code to withdraw funds at an ATM.

…and manage payments to your suppliers

You no longer need to reach agreements with multiple partners separately. With automated CIE payment, you can make and manage multiple payments to suppliers almost immediately. Offer them the pleasant feeling of collection security. Improve your negotiating position.

Services at a glance

Business Payments offers:

Automation of on-demand payments

Both to customers and suppliers.

Multiple channels

Transfers between BBVA accounts, SPEI transfers and sending funds to ATMs.

100% online

Instant and frictionless.

How does it work?

Business Payments can be used by any entity with a contract for the Business APIs channel service.

quote Image

Giving your business the ability to manage your payments quickly and online will always result in a greater relationship of trust. Business Payments provides you with the necessary operations to establish lasting relationships with your customers, suppliers or distributors.

Felipe Borja

Discipline Direct Channels at BBVA

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