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With the Accounts API, opening a bank account and loyalty cards in your app or digital platform can be done in minutes. Gain the loyalty of your customers, employees or suppliers by giving them the possibility of managing their money directly from your app on their cell phone.

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Financial management available to all

If you need to register an account and your customer does not already have it, you no longer need to go to a branch or access the BBVA website or app to do it. With this API, your customers will be able to open a low-risk digital account from your own app, in just a few clicks.

In addition, your company will be able to issue a loyalty card linked to that account, to which you can associate other loyalty plans.

Not only does this make your customers’ lives easier, it can also be very useful for your business model, streamlining collection, payment and transfer management.

In practice

  • Open a digital account for your customers, employees or suppliers
  • Issue a loyalty card under your brand or co-branded with BBVA linked to the digital account
  • Manage activity and balance queries, in detail and with your own look&feel

What it offers

Advantages of the Accounts API

Gain the loyalty of your customers

With the Accounts API, you can offer features as useful as checking balances and activity and keeping track of their financial situation.

Greater convenience, higher turnover

Integrating the creation, management and control of a digital account into your platform will stop you losing sales opportunities because your customers do not have an account through which to make the transaction.

The experience and reliability of a large bank

You will reply on the constant support and solvency of the BBVA brand, one of the leading entities in Open Banking.

Services at a glance

The Accounts API offers:

Open a digital account

Easily, simply and securely from your own app

Check account balance and activity

All account information in detail, accessible and secure

Offer a debit card

Linked to the digital account that has just been created

How does it work?

The Accounts API can be used by any company that completes BBVA’s business validation process successfully and has the ability to integrate it into its digital platform.

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This API offers a financial management environment that aims not only to facilitate banking penetration into different segments and types of customers, but also allows the integration of a fully operable financial system into a completely independent third-party ecosystem (platform, app and website).

María Antonieta Mejía Mercado

Leader Discipline Accounts

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