Auto Loan Calculator

A precise tool to simulate the financing of car or motorcycle purchases.

With BBVA’s Auto Loan Calculator API, you can complete a custom integration of a fully online, fast and intuitive calculator with 100% accuracy as regards the final price.

Digital Ecosystems

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It makes it easier for your customers to know and access the simulation of the loan for their vehicles, with complete integration into your business.

The calculator adjusts to the needs of each dealer and allows you to adjust the financing with maximum freedom, always in line with the rates negotiated between the dealer and BBVA. In addition, it makes it possible to calculate the price together with the loan insurance.

Integrate the calculator into your own service freely, without redirection to other websites. It consists of a fast and intuitive process where the client customizes the simulation of their vehicle loan as much as possible.

In practice

  • The customer can customize the simulation of their vehicle loan, by selecting the payment and term, and also add payment protection, life or guarantee extension insurance among other options.
  • Applicable to all types of vehicles: cars and motorcycles (new, pre-owned and used).
  • All without leaving your digital ecosystem, and for customers of any bank.

What it offers

Advantages of the Auto Loan Calculator

Facilitates the purchase decision

Through simulation, you can offer your customers a realistic scenario about different options for calculating their car and motorcycle loan, and do so at the key moment of purchasing the vehicle.

Complete and functional integration

The Auto Loan API offers all the necessary functionalities to fully integrate into your environment and thus create a new service for your own brand. Always backed by the professionalism and effectiveness of the BBVA brand

Meet a need

Your customer will be able to choose their vehicle and simulate their loan immediately, all from your own platform. In addition, financing is for customers of any bank.

Services at your fingertips

The Auto Loan Calculator API offers:

Calculate the vehicle loan

Through an intuitively, agile and simple process from your own website.

Customizable by your customer

They can simulate and then choose between the proposed payments.

With no surprises

The calculations are 100% online and without surprises; they include the final price to be paid and the fees transparently for the customer.

How does it work?

The Auto Loan Calculator API can be used by companies that have a partnership agreement with BBVA and the ability to integrate into their digital platform.

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