Account owner verification

The Validations API allows you to verify in real time the owner of a bank account, offering greater security to your payments and collections as well as helping to reduce errors and operating risks.

Treasury Management

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Confirm account ownership in real time and in an easy way

As financial transactions become increasingly fast, target account security is becoming more important when it comes to minimizing fraud risk.

Forget about chargebacks caused by incorrect accounts and perform transactions accurately with our service. This API enables you to the ability to verify account ownership during the supplier and customer onboarding process, as well as before making any payments or collections, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

In practice

  • Enhance the security of your payments and collections.
  • Detect and avoid errors in your processes.
  • Incorporate the information directly into your internal management system.
  • Verify the account owner by their TaxID number.

What it offers

Main advantages of the Validations API:

Wide coverage

Verify any individual and business account holder, both BBVA and other banks in Spain, as long as they participate in the Iberpay Verification Service (99% of verifiable Spanish accounts).


Account owner verification is performed based on the owner’s ID document (Spanish ID, TaxID number (CIF, NIF, NIE) or passport) and provides updated information.

Real time

Account verification takes just a few seconds, 24/7.

Services at your fingertips

The Validations API offers:

Real time information

The account validation is performed upon request and the service delivers updated information in seconds.

Integration with your ERP

Incorporating the information directly into your internal management system.

Available 24/7

Consult as many times as you need, any time and every day.

How does it work?

Use the Validations API to verify account ownership:

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This service offers significant value to our clients: it allows them to perform financial operations with enhanced security, minimizing fraud and reducing errors related to their payments and collections."

Miguel Díaz Díaz

Open Banking Product Owner

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