Business Collections

Streamline deposits with a CIE reference

With Business Collections, you can confirm payments from your customers in real time, through your CIE agreement. This way, you can streamline processes that result in increased customer satisfaction, such as delivering cargo to them or reactivating suspended services. You can also display the amount due to make it easier to collect immediately.

Treasury Management

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Reduce operating costs while increasing customer satisfaction

The Immediate Business Concentration (CIE) service has a number associated with your main checking account. You can use this number to receive payments from your customers automatically and with a reference.

With this API, you can leverage your CIE agreement even more, using deposits with a CIE reference. In addition to having access to your funds from payment, controlling payments made or outstanding collections, eliminating the risks of handling cash and reducing your operating costs, you can now identify payments received at the request of your own customers.

In practice

  • Cash-flow reconciliation to release goods or services to customers
  • Balance displayed to debtors online
  • Issuance of proof of payment for the customer

What it offers

Advantages of the Business Collections API

Help your clients

Allow them to request your services after making their payments, and to view their payable balance online. The simpler and more efficient the process, the more positively they will value their relationship with your business.

Reduce your operating costs

Efficient and fast payment execution will allow you to maintain a more up-to-date cash flow and facilitate your reconciliation processes. It will also help reduce operating costs arising from cross-department harmonization.

Increase your operational capacity

Agility in responding to your customer’s needs is essential for any business. This API allows you to release or deliver the resources your customer needs at the right time, with detailed tracking of the entire process and reduction of any internal errors that may arise from manual management.

Services at a glance

Business Collections offers:

Key information

Who made a payment and when

Immediate action

Payable balances and proof of payment

100% online

Automatic and frictionless

How does it work?

Business Collections can be used by any entity with a contract for the Business APIs channel service.

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A customer’s experience determines the success of a business. A satisfied customer will always be more likely to be a loyal customer. Business Collections gives you the tools to achieve this purpose successfully.

Felipe Borja

Discipline Direct Channels

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