Auto Loan

The ultimate boost to your sales

With the BBVA Auto Loan API, you can integrate financing to buy a vehicle from your dealership or brand, directly from your platform. Your customers will be able to instantly see the terms of the loan and also apply online.

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The perfect offer at the right time

Financing is one of the main barriers to closing a high-cost deal, such as a vehicle purchase. Integrating BBVA’s online loan options into your app will allow you to not only avoid that obstacle, but also to turn it into an advantage for your customers by offering it as part of your own browsing experience.

Providing financing as part of your dealer’s or your brand’s business journey is a driver of sales. In addition, its frictionless integration when you so decide represents an exceptional experience for users.

In practice

  • Simulates monthly payments and payment methods for each customer
  • Allows them to apply for the loan without leaving your platform or app
  • Confirms car financing and starts formalizing the purchase instantly

What it offers

Advantages of the Auto Loan API

Facilitates the purchase decision

Through simulation, you can offer your customers a realistic scenario about different financing options, and do so at the key moment of purchasing.

Meet a need, sell more

Your customers will be able to choose their vehicle and finance it immediately, all from your own platform, without having to go through an agency to get the credit.

Complete and functional integration

The Auto Loan API offers all the necessary functionalities to fully integrate into your environment and thus create a new service for your own brand. Always backed by the professionalism and effectiveness of the BBVA brand.

Services at your fingertips

The Auto Loan API offers:

Finance for your customers

Flexible, secure and reliable

Customizable in real time

Your customer chooses the monthly payment

100% online

Without going through an agency and without leaving your platform

How does it work?

The Auto Loan API can be used by any company that completes BBVA’s business validation process successfully and has the ability to integrate it into its digital platform.

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We designed Auto Loan with a key purpose in mind: to help automotive businesses grow and thrive. Giving them the ability to offer financing at the time of sale is the ultimate lever to achieve this goal.

Eduardo Santiago Alcántara

Product Manager Channels Consumer Finance

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