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Shows the location and information about BBVA ATMs in Mexico.

Locations (API) improves the experience of data requesters by offering information and the location of BBVA ATMs in Mexico in a standardized and centralized way. It generates value for end users by showing the nearest ATM’s longitude and latitude.

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A tool to add value to your service

There are many situations in which users may need an ATM and not know its location: vacation, working in an unknown area, shopping ..

With this API, BBVA offers you the possibility of showing the location and services of its ATMs to your users.

In practice

  • Integrate information about BBVA ATMs in Mexico into your application or service
  • Generate more value for users by including the longitude and latitude of the nearest BBVA ATM
  • Customize the experience by incorporating the data into the map of your app or website

What it offers

Access to BBVA ATM locations

Automatically integrate the location and services available from BBVA ATMs into your app or website.

Possibility of showing the nearest BBVA ATM

Improve the experience of your users by leveraging longitude and latitude data to show the BBVA ATMs in Mexico that are closest to them.

Adapt to the style of your app or website

Add the information on BBVA ATMs in Mexico to the map of your app or website for integrated display.

Services at a glance

Location and services of all BBVA ATMs in Mexico

Features to enable cash withdrawals and other operations.

Standard and personalized information

You can tailor the information to the characteristics of your app or website.

Ability to add longitude and latitude data

Make ATM search much easier.

How does it work?

The Locations API (ATMs) may be used by any Data Requester included in the list of entities in article 76 of the Law on Financial Technology Institutions or a third party specialized in information technologies, which completes the BBVA access process and has the capacity to integrate the API into its digital platform.

How BBVA Locations API Mexico worksHow BBVA Locations API Mexico works

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With the ATMs API, you will be able to get relevant information about the ATMs and Practicajas in BBVA’s self-service network in order to operate with novel models and exchange data through standardized application programming interfaces in view of promoting market competition and financial inclusion.

Marco Antonio Gutiérrez Márquez

Senior Manager Tech – ATMs Infrastructure

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