Locations Branches

Provides the location and information on BBVA branches in Mexico.

Improve your customers’ experience by offering them the location, opening times and information on BBVA branches from your digital platforms.

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There are dozens of situations in which locating a branch is key for any user.

With the Location Branches API, you will be able to add to your service catalog the possibility of finding the branch that best suits your users by location and opening times.

In practice

  • Integrate information from BBVA branches into your digital platforms.
  • Improve your customers’ experience by showing them the location of the nearest BBVA branch.
  • Incorporate BBVA branch information into your app or website and personalize the experience you give your customers.

What does it offer me?

Access the location of BBVA’s branches in Mexico

Bring to your app or website a list with the address of our branches.

Shows opening hours and service hours

Your customers will be able to know in real time if the branches are within their service hours, thus providing them with information that will help them plan their financial transactions in person.

Add additional services to your digital platform

With the Branches Locations API, solve the needs of your customers who are urgently looking for a BBVA branch to provide clarification, report theft or loss, and card replacements. This way you can offer more services on your digital platforms and keep your customers interacting with your app or website.

Services at your fingertips

Number of ATMs available in the branch

Provide your customers with information that allows them to speed up cash withdrawals, deposits, payments and transfers.

Information that you can adapt to your platforms

Show the location and details of BBVA branches, such as opening hours, with the design of your app or website.

Branch search within the area of your customer’s choice

By asking your customer to choose a search area, personalize their experience and give them only the information they need.

How does it work?

The Locations API (ATMs) may be used by any Data Requester included in the list of entities in article 76 of the Law on Financial Technology Institutions or a third party specialized in information technologies, which completes the BBVA access process and has the capacity to integrate the API into its digital platform.

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