Our process

We explain the process and the steps for starting to use BBVA’s APIs.

1. Sign up

Sign up now and create a user account to start testing BBVA’s APIs right away. 
Being a BBVA API_Market user is free.

This gives you access to the sandbox, where you can test the available APIs that interest you the most and find the best one for your business needs.

2. Experiment and do your proof of concept

Use the Sandbox to create your apps and test your ideas. 

You can use the Sandbox to explore all the possibilities of BBVA’s APIs, discovering the value they can offer your business, for as long as you need and with unlimited calls using test data.

Check out the Quickstart guide and start testing now.

3. Integrate BBVA’s APIs into your company

If you are interested in going further and transforming your business using the BBVA APIs most suited to your needs, let’s start integrating them into the production environment.

This involves:

Due diligence process

We must confirm that your company is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations before we start working together. The first step is to complete the standard due diligence questionnaire.

We may ask for more information about the security of your company’s infrastructures and data, your treatment of your customers and their data and about your control processes, depending on your business model and the services you want to use. This may include PCI compliance for issues related to e-commerce, PISP for PSD2 payments and anti-money laundering policies.

We’ll also need to know if you’re going to use our brand and logo and, if so, how. And we will need a demo or description of your product.

Contract signature

When we have completed these steps, it is time to sign a contract with BBVA.

Access to production

Once the contract is signed, you’ll receive authorization to access our API production environment using a new password for a specific application ID.

We will check that your environment is properly configured technically to use BBVA APIs while we are doing our due diligence. We’ll do this by setting up your application and access to the APIs, and creating the test accounts you need.

4. Live launch

The time has come to launch your app or project using real data and to start benefiting from the results, boosting your business.

We will help you from registration through to launch.

You can contact us at any time during the process.

Our team of open-banking experts will help you make the most of the possibilities of APIs and the solutions BBVA offers to boost your business. We’ll tell you how you can integrate BBVA APIs into your systems to expand, improve and optimize your processes.

We will be by your side during development and launch, to help you make the whole process work smoothly. And, of course, we’ll keep you informed about new features, services and solutions as we develop them.

Talk to an expert.