BBVA API Market, trusted platform for financial innovation

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BBVA API Market, trusted platform for financial innovation
BBVA API Market, trusted platform for financial innovation


In recent years the financial ecosystem is undergoing a transformation thanks to the digital revolution that is occurring in this and other economic sectors. Since BBVA, it is driving this digital transformation with a strategy that enhances the culture of open innovation.

Within this strategy, one of the major changes in BBVA is opening its APIs. Since BBVA API Market, companies can access a number of APIs to help them develop new business, opening up new services or simply improve user experience.

In this video, the head of BBVA Open APIs Shamir Karkal highlights the possibilities of technology API: 

Shamir Karkal, Head of Open APIs at BBVA

BBVA is a very large global bank and we have an amazing set of capabilities in things like compliance, legal, technology… Our customers, we have a very large customer base and we use our capabilities to serve these customers. The Open Platform is how we take those same capabilities and allow third parties.

This is the perfect moment to do this, because there is a whole revolution happening in the financial and the technology space. What the Open Platform does is support that innovation. And, by supporting it, we make that ecosystem move much faster. In the end, we enable this whole revolution to happen.

You can go to today, we will explain the API’s that we have available today.

Joshua Reich, CEO and cofounder at Simple

If you want to build a completely new experience, that leverages new technology, Open Platform allows you to take off-the-shelf a real time core that’s designed for technologists. You have real modern, RESTful APIs that are well-documented, have the same standards of API that you’d expect from any other technology company.

Jaime Sánchez-Laulhé, CEO at Geoblink España

There are a lot of companies with a huge capacity for innovation. Having this new source of data will allow them to do things that they can’t even imagine right now.

“Sometimes you have to be the change that you want to see in the world”.

Shamir Karkal

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