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What is leasing and how does it work?

Businesses, from self-employed to SMEs and large companies, need financing solutions that suit their needs. Leasing is a method that can optimize the use of resources and which combines business liquidity (or lack of) with the use of assets. What is leasing and how does it work? Leasing is a financing method by which a […]

APIs, Banking as a service, Funding / 30 January 2024
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How to increase your e-commerce sales

In a hyper-competitive environment with everything just a couple of clicks away, starting, maintaining or growing e-commerce sales is a big challenge for businesses. In this scenario, it is necessary to resort to strategies to improve online sales, such as making offers, increasing perceived value through sales strategies, or using technology that enhances the buying […]

APIs, BBVA APIs, e-Commerce / 13 June 2023
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What are fintechs and how do they work?

Fintechs are financial platforms that democratize finance, as well as the ecosystem, technology and companies on which they rely Fintechs are the next iteration of the financial world. What are these financial platforms and what types are there? In Spain, fintech companies are creating a mature and growing market thanks to the inherent advantages of […]

APIs, Banking as a service, Fintech / 03 October 2022
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How does Forex work and how to use it in your business or ERP?

Thanks to its decentralized operation, Forex offers automatic 24/7 solutions that are more interesting for companies looking to integrate FX into their ERP. Forex is one of the most relevant markets for companies, especially if they are able to connect to FX from their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Companies that are able to automate […]

APIs / 10 March 2022
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What is the forex market and how does it work?

The foreign exchange (Forex) market is the world’s largest financial market. This market trades in the exchange rates of the entire planet through decentralized market mechanisms; this is where the value of each currency is traded. But what is a foreign currency and how is it different from a domestic currency? How and why was […]

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Open banking in Spain: where are we going?

Spain is in the midst of a banking transformation toward open banking thanks to the regulatory impulse at European level. However, adoption among bank customers is still too slow, which will have consequences in the future. In Spain, the digital transformation of banking, rather than a future promise, is already a reality. This new financial […]

APIs, Open banking / 26 October 2021
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