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What is leasing and how does it work?

Businesses, from self-employed to SMEs and large companies, need financing solutions that suit their needs. Leasing is a method that can optimize the use of resources and which combines business liquidity (or lack of) with the use of assets. What is leasing and how does it work? Leasing is a financing method by which a […]

APIs, Banking as a service, Funding / 30 January 2024
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Carmela Gómez Castelao participates in the report “The State of Banking as a Service (BaaS)”

Traditional banks are making the commitment to BaaS models, open banking is driving digital financial services, regulatory bodies are increasing scrutiny when it comes to BaaS providers, the banking ecosystem is rapidly changing and increased competition and regulatory pressures are expected in the BaaS sector. The State of Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a report prepared by […]

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Digital banking or electronic banking

Digital banking or electronic banking is the future of the banking sector, with more and more functionalities and possibilities Digital banking, the virtual and infrastructure transformation of banking telecommunications, is increasingly used. Its ubiquity, accessibility, speed, availability, security and the diversity of available functionalities have clearly attracted users. What is digital banking? What are its […]

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Examples of REST API

ST APIs are an example of an API development architecture increasingly used within companies, partly due to the separation between client and server, the process scalability and reliability, and the low number of resources required by the system. What is a REST API and what architecture examples are available to companies? What can an API […]

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What are fintechs and how do they work?

Fintechs are financial platforms that democratize finance, as well as the ecosystem, technology and companies on which they rely Fintechs are the next iteration of the financial world. What are these financial platforms and what types are there? In Spain, fintech companies are creating a mature and growing market thanks to the inherent advantages of […]

APIs, Banking as a service, Fintech / 03 October 2022
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