The best of fin:CODE and our keynote on open banking

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APIs , Open banking / 23 April 2019
The best of fin:CODE and our keynote on open banking
The best of fin:CODE and our keynote on open banking


We were honored to present the keynote entitled “Open banking, BBVA experience from a technical perspective,” where we explained our experience in developing an open and global API platform that allows agile access to financial solutions: from the challenges and opportunities for the delivery of value with cloud-based technologies by Amazon AWS to microservices-oriented architecture, with containers and open-source software.

We also attended several interesting sessions, such as the talk by Remigiusz Dudek on how to manage disruption through DevOps, tools and practices for continuous delivery in UBS. Dudek emphasized how reviewing code is critical for UPS, as well as their preference for continuous delivery rather than achieving a pipeline of continuous deployment up to production.

We were also captivated by the presentation by Henri Helakari and Matti Virolainen. Helakari, Head of DevOps Transformation at OP Financial Group, one of the Finland’s largest financial companies, pointed out that, for them, people and culture are the biggest challenge of digital transformation.

As for regulatory issues, Faye Mathijssen and Sophie Jeckmans shared their experience in their presentation “Refining and applying new regulatory requirements at ING.” They stressed that at ING developers are unable to move code directly to production; this needs to be done by someone with an operations profile.

From Allianz, Carlos Muñoz Robles DevOps Squad Lead, impressed us with his presentation “Self-Service Toolchain through versioned Infrastructure as Code,” showing the audience how they combined their experience as a provider of SaaS for companies with their experience as OpenShift’s supplier of IaaS to create a solution that allows users to independently access and customize a set of tools, such as Jenkins.

Events-oriented architectures were also addressed at the presentation by Neil Avery from Confluent Europe, “Events, Streams, Devops and speed – The next generation of application architecture.” Avery emphasized the importance of architecture design, thinking first of the event and the demand of businesses for real-time operations. He said that their events-oriented architecture is using pieces such as Kafka and Zookeeper, just like it happens with the notification APIs at BBVA API_Market for other companies.

Here you can see our interview at the event. Do not miss it!

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