Case Study: How to develop an app that generates $70,000 a month

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29 September 2016
Case Study: How to develop an app that generates $70,000 a month
Case Study: How to develop an app that generates $70,000 a month


Bluecloud Solutions is a platform that offers relevant information for anyone interested in developing a successful app or project. They share tips and solutions that ensure that your applications will generate money.

Their website and community contain resources for you to develop a successful application. Bluecloud generated 70,000 dollars in a month by developing game apps after it had confirmed that these apps were the most popular downloads.

Here are its tips for developing a successful app:

1.Think about what you are bringing to the market: Applications are normally developed to earn money but don’t forget that they must provide value to the users. The key consists in developing solid and efficient projects that are also profitable. Bluecloud says that you need to think less of the money you wish to generate and more of what the market will reward with money.

2.An app’s success starts with research because this allows you to find new possibilities. Bluecloud Solutions explored two directions:

Internal: Aimed at defining how to design an app. To this end, they researched the trends of each Marketplace and used Apptopia to check the status of each application in the market.

External: Study of business models of profitable companies.

3.Be multi-platform: Bluecloud recommends that you do not place all of your resources on a single marketplace. They mention that a lot of people were focusing on apps for the AppStore while they were designing applications for Android because an Android app can be easily adjusted for several marketplaces.

4.Experiment with several advertising networks: Bluecloud tested several advertising networks for a couple of years to find out which of them was the best choice for them. At the beginning, they posted their ads on games-focused networks but they gradually moved to more generic networks.  They state that you must test several networks since this is the only way to increase your visibility.

5.Run market surveys: This is the best way of finding out which type of application is the favorite of consumers. After doing their research, they found out that casino-type apps were very popular and, as such, they decided to develop this type of application. This was their first step toward success. They also used Google Trends to find out trends in three areas: keywords, usage and developers.

6.Generate networking: Reach people who are interested in the applications and create a community. This allow you to compare different points of view, analyze what your community members like and study what the focus of your next applications needs to be to get more downloads. Additionally, community users can comment on the application’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can improve them as well as take their feedback into account for your next apps.

7.Build systems: Bluecloud says that they achieved true success when they learned how to build systems, i.e. generate a community of developers. They created Bluecloud Select to connect developers and have them help each other. 

Source: Bluecloud Solutions

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