‘Case Study’: Slack improves its security by using services in the cloud

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‘Case Study’: Slack improves its security by using services in the cloud
‘Case Study’: Slack improves its security by using services in the cloud


With platform development in mind, the founders of Slack chose the cloud to ensure service flexibility, innovation and speed. Richard Crowley, Director of Operations at Slack, confided in Amazon Web Services because it could provide features that fulfilled the company’s long-term goals.

Slack is a messaging platform that includes a variety of communication services, such as Twitter, Dropbox, Github or Google Docs. It has gained followers very quickly in the mere 18 months since it was launched: more than one million daily users, of which 300,000 pay for the service.

Why did Slack decide to use Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services, AWS, is a service platform in the cloud that, among other possible functions, allows users to store databases and exchange content within an interface.

Slack architecture is based on various services offered by AWS. It uses Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, EC2, to calculate tasks between users. A web service that provides developers with scalable computing in the cloud based on the website.

To run file uploading of both active and inactive users, Slack uses Elastic Load Balancing, which automatically distributes incoming application traffic between several Amazon EC2 instances. And to provide greater security, it uses Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, which manages security groups and the firewall rules. To control user credentials, Slack uses AWS Identity and Access Management.

How has Slack improved?

By using Amazon Web Services, Slack has achieved a very flexible platform that is prepared for innovation and response capabilities, providing its users with reliability and security to ensure confidentiality of the information shared among them.

The accumulation of resources in the cloud provided by AWS allows Slack to simulate disaster recovery so it can ensure its users that their information will always be available and accessible. In other words, Amazon Web Services provides consistency, a feature that is crucial for a platform such as Slack.

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