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Four examples of how APIs can bring value to people

Many industries view "appification" as one of the most important drivers of technological innovation in coming years. In open banking, this advantage opens the door to previously unexplored territory, even outside traditional banking.

APIs, UX / 14 September 2020
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What is KYC and what does it mean in the customer relationship?

Knowing your customer is an essential asset in any business relationship, but in the digital universe it is even more so. In the financial sector, KYC (Know Your Customer) is carefully structured to ensure customer verification, which is essential in the highly regulated banking industry.

UX / 10 September 2020
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What is the difference between adaptive design and responsive design?

Using responsive or adaptive design is one of the most important decisions of a web project. We analyze the fundamentals of both ways to build a site’s architecture. Adaptive design and responsive design are even confused by veteran members of the web design industry. 

UX / 31 December 2020
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The role of APIs in UX

To foster the use of your API and to make it understandable it is essential to think of the user experience provided to other developers. We tell the UX characteristics you must take into account when you develop an API.

APIs, UX / 23 November 2018


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