Cloud storage and APIs

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Cloud storage and APIs
Cloud storage and APIs


One of the greatest recent technology revolutions is the management of data in the cloud, both for processing large volumes of information and for managing services for end users. Almost no company in the world conceives of cloud-based services without APIs. Below are four articles where you can find out more about APIs and cloud computing.

Why are APIs in the cloud so important for developers?

Today’s development teams have one essential need: to synchronize their system infrastructures with the features of different service providers in the cloud. APIs make this integration possible, where interoperability is key.

What would happen to cloud computing if APIs did not exist?

Cloud computing depends almost exclusively on the ability of APIs to connect platforms, services and applications and manage the data that feeds them. And if all those resources are in the cloud, the importance of application development becomes even greater.

Cloud storage is at the center of an API war

Cloud-based storage and the offering of cloud-based products and services has become a battleground for leadership of the market and the creation of new business opportunities. More and more companies now have their business in the cloud. Major players are fighting for a piece of a pie with a promising present and future.

The most noteworthy cloud-based APIs: the battle between large companies

Amazon, Salesforce and IBM are waging a battle for the control of cloud-based services, essentially the creation, deployment and control of scalable infrastructure for third-party cloud-based applications. Here are some of their most interesting APIs.


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