Keys for increasing innovation in your company with APIs

Keys for increasing innovation in your company with APIs
Keys for increasing innovation in your company with APIs


APIs are within everyone’s reach and are often used to improve a company’s internal performance. They define the nature of the interfaces used in a company’s departments, internal systems and processes, thus generating an innovation-ready environment.

In addition, they provide a way of stabilizing transactions, with a solid platform that allows fast interaction.

Four keys for leading internal innovation with APIs

  1. Projects are faster: APIs allow you to reduce the complexity of SOA services and display REST API. This results in a much quicker deployment of certain services.
  2. Create a security layer around key assets: the API management solutions prevent misuse or attacks on the company’s backend systems, because they allow the introduction of a security layer that only gives access to trusted users and applications.
  3. Generate a structure that supports the participation of external subcontracts: the APIs provide opportunities to create new paths for generating revenue, reaching your customers and managing alliances.
  4. Provide increased agility and better performance: currently changes are constant and occur all the time. APIs offer technological solutions to manage these changes. Changes can be slow, steady or fast, and APIs provide technological solutions to manage these types of changes at different levels and different times in the business model.

It is essential for companies that want to digitalize their business to incorporate API management platforms, which allow them to integrate services and provide them with service level, security and a community of developers.

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