Leading experts review the state of the APIs sector

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Leading experts review the state of the APIs sector
Leading experts review the state of the APIs sector


1. APIs at this moment in time: Shamir Karkal, responsible for the Open Platform at BBVA.

“There is a lot of talk right now about APIs and platforms. The subject is almost as hot as blockchain. Some of it is driven, especially in Europe, by regulation. The PSD2 is forcing banks to open their APIs, although, in part, this is nothing more than the natural evolution of the sector”.

To see the entire interview, watch this video

2. – APIs and third parties: Pablo Junco, head of Strategy at Microsoft

“In the collaborative economy, APIs become an essential element in presenting information and operations so that others can use them in a standard and controlled fashion. In my opinion, APIs are the door we have intentionally left open to introduce our products and services to the world so that each individual and company can use them as they believe will bring them value (AS IS, combining other sources, creating aggregate applications, etc.). And we hope to generate some kind of benefit, qualitative and/or quantitative.”

Here is the complete interview with Pablo Junco

3. – APIs and new services: Scott Morrison, senior head of APIs at CA Technologies

“The goal is to place applications in the hands of individuals more quickly and efficiently, assisting in the innovation process. There is nothing that delays innovation more than introducing friction or putting the brakes on operational processes. APIs can be used by anyone to experiment and offer a new service”.

More about Scott Morrison’s opinion.

4.- APIs and cryptography: Alfonso Muñoz, Senior Cybersecurity Expert & Research Lead BBVA

“APIs allow cryptography to be harnessed in a simple, controlled and audited fashion. For example, if you have an application that needs to encrypt and protect information, instead of having the algorithm built into the application, you can order a third party, the API, to protect your information. Said third party can protect your information via APIs.”

Read the full interview with Alfonso Muñoz

5. APIs and evolution: Lorinda Brandon, Sr. Product Manager, API Product Strategy at Capital One

“To the extent that APIs continue to penetrate the core of corporate value chains, it is comforting to see a continuous focus centered on improving the quality of internal and external APIs, especially within the security and performance domains, which are the most critical for the success of both API providers and consumers.”

Smartbear contains more statements like these in this article

6. New opportunities: José Manuel de la Chica, New Business Digital at BBVA.

“APIs provide endless opportunities for any company or business. APIs are one of the most transversal technologies that are making the digital transformation of traditional businesses possible.”

Full interview with José Manuel de la Chica

7. Pay attention to what everybody else is doing: Kin Lane, API Evangelist

“In my opinion, one of the biggest benefits of designing, developing, and operating APIs on the web is that developers have been forced to pick up their heads and pay attention to what everybody else is doing and wanting. I suffer from this. Doing web APIs, providing my own, and consuming third-party APIs forces me to pay attention to providers and consumers outside my bubble. This is good.”

More about working jointly to develop APIs, explained by Kin Lane


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