Open banking or how banks are transformed with APIs

Open banking or how banks are transformed with APIs
Open banking or how banks are transformed with APIs


APIs provide many opportunities for all companies and businesses. José Manuel de la Chica (@Delachica), BBVA New Digital Business, explains to us how APIs are making the digital transformation of traditional businesses possible.

Companies like Uber and Airbnb have grown thanks to implementing APIs in their different business processes, and now the financial world is committing to APIs for its transformation.

Banks opening their APIs to third parties through open platforms is what is known as the era of open banking, a trend for banks to take the best technological solution for them to be to open their data to developers, startups and other partners in the Fintech world.

In this transformation, BBVA defends the opening of its data by creating an open platform, BBVA API Market, on which it offers its financial APIs to help companies, startups, customers and developers who wish to improve their products and services and promote or create new business lines.

In the following interview, José Manuel de la Chica emphasizes that banks must get on board the open innovation train and expose their APIs. He gives the example of BBVA, which is completely transforming itself and committing to an open API platform on offer to the developer community.

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If you want to try out BBVA’s financial APIs, enter the sandbox now and test them!

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