The open data landscape in Mexico

The open data landscape in Mexico
The open data landscape in Mexico


The Mexican government defines the Open Data in its transparency portal as “Groups of public data available from the Federal Government which, by applicable provisions, are not considered as reserved or confidential and are accessible to individuals to be reused as desired”.

This portal is one of the initiatives taken to show the government’s commitment to openness and transparency. Evidently, the key aspect of this commitment is placing public data at the disposal of citizens. And the question is: At this time, how much public information is available and accessible for automatic processing?

The answer, thanks to the OKFN, can be seen in this chart

This shows that Mexico has a good score as regards the availability of the national budget, election results, availability of national statistics and maps covering the entire territory. However, it fails in the category of availability of information on public transportation, zip codes, government expense reports, company registries and national legislation and regulations. The overall result is a fail grade, although it nearly passes.

However, it should be highlighted that in recent years the government has made very significant efforts and achieved a series of key milestones to understand the present and future of Open Data in Mexico:

20-09-2011: Mexico joined the Alliance for Open Government. The purpose of this initiative was to obtain specific commitments from the participating governments.

End of 2012: The Mexican government’s commitment to open data was considered obtained, given the progress made up to that time and the firm commitment to continue along the same lines

24-08-2013: The first unconference was held on open data and urban mobility in the Laboratory for the City of Mexico D.F., organized by OpenDataMX, within the framework of the ConectaDF initiative. Several challenges were posed with regard to urban mobility and the use of open data, to be solved by development teams.

2014-10-27: The Mexican government increased its commitment to transparency by establishing a series of milestones to be met between 2014 and 2016. Some of these are already in progress and will be evaluated on 27-10-2014

In sum, although there is much more work to be done with regard to open data in Mexico, we can conclude that the government institutions are making a significant effort to increase the release of ever-more accurate open data for the consumption of its citizens.

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