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José Luis Navarro Llorens sits down with The Paypers

The Embedded Finance (EF) and Bank-as-a-Service (BaaS) ecosystem is expanding at lightning speed and is in the process of defining of the roles of the new stakeholders entering the ecosystem, who are looking to fill niches or create new services. How will the Embedded Finance and Bank-as-a-Service sector evolve? José Luis Navarro Llorens is Head […]

BBVA APIs, Digital ecosystem / 08 November 2023
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Carmela Gómez Castelao participates in the report “The State of Banking as a Service (BaaS)”

Traditional banks are making the commitment to BaaS models, open banking is driving digital financial services, regulatory bodies are increasing scrutiny when it comes to BaaS providers, the banking ecosystem is rapidly changing and increased competition and regulatory pressures are expected in the BaaS sector. The State of Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a report prepared by […]

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Administrative process management and how to automate them with APIs

APIs have enormous potential for automating administrative processes and simplifying internal management Automating administrative processes becomes easier as APIs evolve and allow more and more integration both internally (private API) and externally (public). What can an API do for internal management? Can it eliminate some of the bureaucracy? Companies cannot function without their administrative tasks– […]

Digital ecosystem / 14 February 2023
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The seven best open banking apps of 2022

2022 is a year characterized by a veritable explosion of open banking apps, and we have selected the most outstanding ones Open banking apps have been growing along with this new ecosystem for years. New regulations and new layers of technology, focusing, have led thousands of startups to launch new products. Some of them are […]

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What is the forex market and how does it work?

The foreign exchange (Forex) market is the world’s largest financial market. This market trades in the exchange rates of the entire planet through decentralized market mechanisms; this is where the value of each currency is traded. But what is a foreign currency and how is it different from a domestic currency? How and why was […]

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‘FX’ Forex API: how companies can automate their currencies

Currency automation is a key feature of companies with international cash flows. This is how APIs can help. Companies are looking for services integrated into their management systems (ERP) that simplify their daily operations and allow them a high level of information traceability or the possibility of automating their operations. APIs (Application Programming Interface) are […]

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