Six experts in APIs to follow

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APIs / 31 July 2019
Six experts in APIs to follow
Six experts in APIs to follow


The API market keeps growing and, at the same time, there is increasing demand for technical and business knowledge about these IT solutions. Here is a short list of API experts you should keep an eye on. They're not all here but the list only includes experts in this matter.

Bruno Pedro (@bpedro)

Of Portuguese nationality, Pedro is a computer engineer who is an expert in APIs and cloud computing. He created a couple of specialist startups, Nubera and Tartipe, which he later sold. Now he is a speaker at conferences, as well as being Lead Software Engineer for New Relic, a software and analytics company located in Barcelona.  

Cornelia Schwertner (@co_schwertner)

Schwertner is an expert in regulatory compliance as well as technology. She works as head of Regulation at  Figo, a German B2B company that offers banking APIs and other IT solutions. Her experience includes a number of years in consulting at PwC, and she is on the board of the European Fintech Alliance (EFA).

Isabelle Mauny  (@isamauny)

A regular at specialist conferences, the French national Mauny has had an extensive professional career, with 15 years at IBM. She now has her own company, 42Crunch, which specializes in API cybersecurity.

Kay Lummitsch (@lummitsch)

Born in 1966, Lummitsch had a long career in Germany before heading up the API strategy of the Swiss operator Swisscom. Currently he works as IT coach for digital transformation, collaborates with Google and has his own consultancy, The Digital Journeyman, with headquarters in Zurich and a very clear slogan: “Adapt or die” in the digital revolution.

Manfred Bortenschlager (@ManfredBo)

Based in Barcelona, Bortenschlager works for the U.S. software company Red Hat on API development, and is also editor of apimagazine, a key website for all those interested in these IT solutions.

Alberto González (@alber_gp)

Passionate about agile technology and methodology, González is an expert in developing open APIs, programming languages and databases such as Java, Spring, Node, SQL and NoSQL. He is currently the product owner of and head of the PayStats API business at BBVA API_Market, BBVA’s Open API initiative to enhance collaboration and partnerships with startups, large companies and Public Administrations through the open banking model. In addition, his professional career includes developing the website, selected by Forrester as the best European banking website in 2017. 


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