InnovaChallenge MX in numbers

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Open banking / 15 January 2015
InnovaChallenge MX in numbers
InnovaChallenge MX in numbers


BBVA has launched a pioneer initiative whose goals os to foster innovation around big data, promoting an open culture of continuos excange between BBVA and the developer communities around the word.


Also from InnovaChallenge MX


Discover the BBVAOpen4U marketplace

Discover applications built for InnovaChallenge MX and other interesting apps built for other contests like InnovaApps+ .

The apps ‘Relocation Assistant’ and ‘Pear Campaigns’ win InnovaChallenge MX

The BBVA International datathon InnovaChallenge MX, read all about it.


Video: InnovaChallenge MX winners!

Know all the winners of this edition and see deeply their projects, also the honourable mentions winners.

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